Children in Need

The Panto Group began fundraising for Children in Need in 1993 by standing in the layby near All Saints Church, Brightlingsea from 8am to 8pm in all sorts of weather and encouraging cars to drive through and help fill our buckets with cash!  In the early years we also carried out ‘requested kidnaps’ for which we were given donations to the cause. Pudsey also used to wait at the school gates and visit pubs to get extra money.  Over the years we have had various themes for dressing up from Pirates to Clowns to Bob the Builder and even Doctors and Nurses Oooo Matron!
From 1993 up until last year 2013 we have raised the grand sum of £69,101.78. We of course could not do this without the help of all our volunteers and the generosity of the people who take the trouble to stop and donate.

Local Charities

When we can, we give any excess monies we have to local charities chosen by our own members. After the success of Aladdin in 2014 we were able to give £150 each to Brightlingsea First Responders, 4 Youth, Family Support and the Scouts.